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Welcome to Australian Tackle Trader!

Australia’s ONLY dedicated online marketplace for buying & selling used fishing tackle and related equipment.

About Us / Who Are We?

We are just hardworking Australians who share a passion for the outdoors, adventure travel, boating, fishing, and quality fishing tackle & equipment.

Like many of our peers, we started fishing as kids, usually with a hardline off the local jetties and piers. As we got older, finished our studies and took jobs our fishing aspirations naturally grew, necessitating the purchase of ever increasingly sophisticated fishing tackle.

Quality fishing tackle does come at a price, but it’s such a pleasure to use and own, that we like many, can’t help but embrace the new technology as it evolves.

From Daiwa 7000Cs and Butterworth rods, to Penn Spinfishers and Ugly Sticks, to Carbon fibre, Silicon Carbide, Dyneema and Zaion, we love it all.

Why Another Classifieds Website?

Take a look at what’s out there and you can easily see why; massive commercial businesses with thousands and thousands of ads, advertising all manner of products from old lawnmowers to knitting machines and baby bassinets. Is it any wonder your ads get lost.?

Sure the big sites get enormous ‘traffic’, but what good are 10,000 hits if 99% of the visitors are looking for products that aren’t even fishing related.

We also know how frustrating it is to spend hours upon hours searching for products, often on clunky, poorly designed and dated websites, riddled with commercial advertising and spammy links!!

No thanks. We figured we could build Australian fishing enthusiasts a better ‘mousetrap’!

Ever heard the term “Fish where the fish are”? Well we’re building a classifieds platform for a community of fisher folk primarily interested in buying and/or selling fishing and fishing related equipment.

What better place to advertise your fishing gear than on a site built for people looking to buy it?

What’s Unique About This Site?

# Strategic Targeted Marketing
# Powerful Search Engine Optimisation
# Simple Elegant & Easy to Use Advertising Platform
# NO Cheesy Advertising or Spammy Links

Just a good old fashioned advertising service with the added power of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING!!

What’s not to like?

How Much Does It Cost?

Setup a simple account, & you can be posting ads for FREE within minutes. If you have multiple items to sell, go for it! It’s all FREE!

You do have the option of featuring your ad to appear in the featured slider on the front page for the low cost of $2.95.

Never bought or sold online and not sure how to go about it? We’ve got you covered with a ‘Step-by-Step’ guide explaining everything from privacy protection, presentation of your product, to getting paid; and everything in between!

Take a look at –

The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Selling Fishing Tackle Online

We’ve also created a comprehensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page to cover anything we’ve missed.

Check it out today at – Australian Tackle Trader F.A.Q.

All the best from your A.T.T team.

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