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About Us / Who Are We? We are just hardworking Australians who share a passion for the outdoors, whether it be fishing, bike riding, skiing, boating, hiking, sporting e.t.c. We are aiming to provide you with a quality product / Read More

buying & selling online

The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Selling Fishing Tackle Online

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Approx reading time: 30mins.  I don't know about you, but my childhood dream was to own a fishing tackle shop. Not a 'BCF' or 'chain store' mind you, but a traditional Aussie tackle shop; of the like typically located on a street corne / Read More

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Australian Tackle Trader New Facebook Page

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Welcome to Australian Tackle Trader's New Facebook Page. Thank you all once again, for your support and feedback during the creation and launch of what we hope, will grow to be Australia’s premier fishing tackle trading platform - Aust / Read More

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Welcome to Australian Tackle Trader

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Please let me extend you the warmest welcome to our new online community venture, the dedicated fishing classifieds platform - Australian Tackle Trader. Australia’s only dedicated online marketplace for buying & selling used fish / Read More

1400 Facebook Fans

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A BIG thumbs up to everyone in our community for helping to support & grow this new Australian small business. Competing with global powerhouses like eBay owned Gumtree was never going to be easy; we knew that from the start, but know / Read More

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