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Thanks for visiting my store BRIGHTWATER BAITCASTERS  

My name is Rick. An Aussie bloke currently living in Japan 🔴

If you are in the market for a new Baitcaster Reel, you have come to the right place at

If you are looking to by TOP QUALITY & dont mind NEAR NEW condition, I may have some options for you. 😊

I have discovered that there is a vast, very high-quality, second-hand market here, in Japan.

I have been purchasing Shimano Baitcaster reels from the Japanese Domestic Market. Many of the top end varients that are available here in JAPAN, are not readily available NEW for sale in Australia. I will be adding more items to the inventory here, mostly from the SHIMANO product line, but may move into other Japanese brands going forward.

If you have a particular JDM fishing tackle product (reels or rods etc) that you are chasing, please feel free to message me via Whatsapp on +61411864100 & I can see if I can source it from the second hand market for you.

All products listed here will be sent from Osaka, Japan. Any returns will need to be reposted back to Japan.

Under the Low Value Import Scheme, items imported into Australia under AU$1000 including postage do not attract import tax or customs duties. So I anticipate only sending one reel at at time including postage. Unless other arrangements are made.

Thanks for reading, happy shopping & look forward to hearing from you.